Our Services To The Clients

We provide our clients with wide range of 24 hours Security Services. Our prompt and reliable Services are available at very competitive rates to suit your budget. We are specialized in providing well-trained and experienced male and female Officers.We will be pleased to be called upon to furnish any future information or to clarify any matter you require.

Traffic Control

At Jacin Security Services, we offer wide range of traffic control services to meet all your needs, such as around construction sites, during special events, or when there is major flooding on roads.We have the expertise and technology to ensure the success of your operations.


We, at Jacin Security Services, take pride in customer satisfaction. We commit to meet your expectations the best we can. And our customized security patrol services are all about that. No matter what your needs, we will customize security patrol services to best cater to your requirements.Visibility is a powerful deterrent to crime. By their presence alone, uniformed patrol officers can reduce the risk of vandalism or theft on your property.

  •  Around-the-Clock Patrols Keep you Safe
  •  Deters vandalism, theft and trespassers
  •  Rapid response to emergency situations
  •  Detect emergencies and fires
  •  Quick notification to local law enforcement and fire and emergency services Some of the ways our patrol services operate

So whatever your needs, you can completely rely on Jacin Security Services. We are one of the top and fastest growing security companies providing world-class security patrol services and all other security and safety solutions for both commercial and residential needs.

To know more about what best we can do for you, you can drop a call to us.

Visitor Management System

Till date, most companies are still tacking their visitors through handwritten by security personnel that sound unsafe and less professional.

At jacin Security Services we provide comprehensive security solution that is integrated with web camera, label printer and barcode reader to automate the process of registering a visitor, capturing detail information and printing visitor badges by simply scanning an ID (such as NRIC, driving license, etc).

  • Our system provide following unique functionalities.
  • visitor counter
  • visit validity
  • blacklist of visitors
  • generating visit reports